Bruce Ballanger, General Manager, Earle Brown Heritage Center

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Welcome to Earle Brown Heritage Center’s new blog, “Eventisms!” This year, being our 25th Anniversary, we thought it was time to share our wisdom and expertise on events—something we refer to as Eventisms.

We are going to talk about corporate events, meetings, tradeshows, weddings and ceremonies. We’ll share stories of events past, upcoming trends in the industry and even discuss behind the scene nightmares we have been witness too. Any topic we find helpful for the event business, we hope to share with you, our friend, colleagues and planners.

As General Manager of the Earle Brown Heritage Center, I have been employed here for 26 years. And, wow! Have we come a long way in those years! The experience of opening a new building without staff, equipment and tools was quite challenging, to say the least. Our chalkboard reservation system has been replaced by state-of-the-art computers. Meeting Planners were few, and the wedding planner was always someone from your local church who volunteered to help. Today, industry trends come and go faster then I rotate my tie.

I have spent many years wondering WHY I am still here. I’ve experienced countless sleepless nights, frantically working around the clock to kick off an event, totally exhausted by every detail in my head. Only to run home, catch four hours of sleep and do it all over again. WHY am I in this business? Well, I can’t imagine doing anything else that is so much fun and so rewarding. The industry changes its focus often and you have to be ready to hop on board and get ready for the ride.

“Eventisms” will mainly be written by myself and, from time to time, others on our staff. Our hope is that you can learn something from these posts that will help you with your event. Please feel free to share your comments or thoughts about any post. If there is anything you would like us to cover in this blog, let us know. We hope you are ready to hop on board with us as we journey together through tips of the trade you can apply to your next meeting, wedding or show.

Please excuse me, I have to go now; there is a passion fruit tart calling me.

I LOVE this business.