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You’re engaged! Congrats! Now what?

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Your wedding day is something you’ve been looking forward to since you were a little girl. And even though the groom probably hasn’t done the same, it’s still a very special day for him, too. For 25 years, we’ve been here to help the happy couple have the kind of day they won’t soon forget. […]

Come Enjoy The Chef Experience

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Love gourmet food? Love a night out with friends? Love learning more about cooking? Yes, yes and yes? Well you’re in luck, because you’re really going to love The Chef Experience. Our brand new tasting club is like nothing you’ve been a part of. Small plates, great conversations and plenty of tips and tricks from […]

Tips for making your perfect day a little more perfect

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Planning a wedding can be stressful, but not every part of it needs to be. Something you can do to create lifelong memories is to make a list of fun activities you can do before and after your special day. This list is just to get you started. There’s a lot more you can do! […]

Earle Brown’s 25th Anniversary

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Earle Brown Heritage Center started hosting wedding ceremonies and receptions shortly after we opened, in the summer of 1990. Fast forward twenty five years and it’s striking just how much things have changed. And before this year’s weddings are in full swing, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on some of our successes […]

Timing is everything

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Having your meeting start on time, end on time and have everything else simply happen on time is paramount. Here are some things I’ve learned over the past 25 years at Earle Brown to help you execute a punctual and effective meeting. The first area dealing with timing is on the contract of the facility […]

Bruce Ballanger, General Manager, Earle Brown Heritage Center

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Welcome to Earle Brown Heritage Center’s new blog, “Eventisms!” This year, being our 25th Anniversary, we thought it was time to share our wisdom and expertise on events—something we refer to as Eventisms. We are going to talk about corporate events, meetings, tradeshows, weddings and ceremonies. We’ll share stories of events past, upcoming trends in […]