Come Enjoy The Chef Experience


Love gourmet food?

Love a night out with friends?

Love learning more about cooking?

Yes, yes and yes? Well you’re in luck, because you’re really going to love The Chef Experience. Our brand new tasting club is like nothing you’ve been a part of. Small plates, great conversations and plenty of tips and tricks from the chefs who cooked your dishes.

Speaking of those small plates, you’re going to absolutely devour them. Prepared by our award-winning chefs, each small plate will tantalize a different tastebud on the way toward a one-of-a-kind gourmet meal. And since I’ve been lucky enough to taste most of the deliciousness that comes out of our kitchen, I can unequivocally say that the small plates you’ll enjoy will be nothing short of amazing.

But The Chef Experience event is more than just tasty small plates. It’s a fun night out with friends and family, where the conversation will be anything but small. Not only will you surely be discussing the lamb meatball, roasted carrots, lemon mousse or any of the mouth-watering flavors that make their way to your table, but also the chefs who cooked the food will be on hand to answer questions. That’s right, you can ask about the dish, a technique or any tips the chefs have for, say, making your own ricotta.

Simply put, The Chef Experience is an interactive, gourmet tasting event where you’ll walk away full of delicious food in your belly and a host of new knowledge in your head. It’s something you’ll need to experience for yourself.

The Chef Experience events will occur quarterly, with the first event happening on June 17th. Tickets are available by calling us at 763-569-6300. Click here to learn more about The Chef Experience or by emailing us at

Oh, would you look at the time. Almost late for my official taste test!