Choosing the perfect venue is likely one of your first tasks towards planning an event. While this task can seem daunting, it is important to go and tour the venue in person and speak to the venue event specialists one on one.

Here are some questions to ask before you book:

What is your capacity?

Each space you use has certain capacity limits, so be sure the space you book allows for the number of guests you invite. All rooms are subject to Fire Codes and it is important to adhere to all the rules. Audio Visual also impacts the capacity of each space, so know ahead of time what your needs are going to be. Staging or an LCD Projection can take up floor space quickly, so it is crucial you allow enough space for this as well.

What are your restrictions?

Many venues have event restrictions on various aspects of your meeting. Examples may include:

  • Decorating – Are you able to post (or pin) any wall surfaces? Most likely not, so find out what is acceptable to use. You do not want a bill for poking a hole in a wall!
  • Audio-Visual – Are you able to provide your own audio-visual provider if the venue offers this service? In certain venues this is acceptable, in others be prepared to pay a fee or a percentage of the audio-visual costs.

Restrictions should come clearly stated in your contract. If you cannot find details, simply ask just to make sure.

What is the parking availability?

Parking can become an annoying problem during your event if people have a distance to walk. Valets and shuttles complicate things. Consider a venue with ample parking space as a big bonus!

When can we set-up?

It is very important to know how much set up time you will need and make certain this time is built into your event contract. Do not assume the venue is open and waiting just for you a day ahead of time. It’s pretty common for a venue to have numerous events throughout the day – in the same ballroom.

In addition, employee schedules are oftentimes arranged a week or two in advance, so moving in early could be an additional cha-ching you were not planning on spending.

What food can we provide?

In today’s busy world, most venues have caterer’s onsite for convenience. While this can make it difficult to bring your own caterer in-house, the upside is that you may have a plethora of menus available to choose from and customize, food is typically prepared fresh onsite, and, most likely, the wait staff is included! This allows you to focus on all the other important items of the day and even enjoy the dessert!

These questions and more will guide you towards making a more informed decision in finding the perfect place! Earle Brown is an event venue that aims to exceed all your expectations.

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